Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our identity

STREETPANTHERS, who are you?

We are a bunch of friends from Salonica who started going “illegal” late last year, when walking round the city had become a living hell. The “historic” city, the “metropolis”, the “demanding” co-capital, is getting worse day by day. Everybody sees it as their own, private property without giving a rat’s ass about the remaining million people using the same space, the same streets and the same sidewalks.
So, we decided that we waited long enough for the state, the local authorities and the police to wake up. It was time for action. Whoever doesn’t comply, pays the price on the spot.
Action #1 is the sticker. We printed several thousands and are handing them out. During a ride, a night-out, shopping, at school, at the movies, the Donkey sticker is always among us. A self-adhesive reminder for inconsiderate drivers to respect those who commit the unforgivable crime of walking.

The misbehavers get one on the windshield as an initial indication that something about their mentality is wrong.

The explanation for the “I-park-where-I-want-and-I-don’t-care-about-anyone” phenomenon is rather simple. The dumb cannot see the crosswalks. Not that they ignore them, they just don’t see them. The “pedestrian”, “crosswalks”, and “walking” genes do not exist in their brain. They stop and park their cars, as if pedestrians were see-through. After the sticker is placed though, they start complying!


Saturday night. March 10th, 2007. The new sticker is officially launched. An elegant diamond shape (paraphrasing the sign “priority way, no parking”) with fluorescent colours, easy to use and practical enough to carry in a bag or pocket, an absolute must-have when shopping with a cart or taking the baby out. A recourse for the blind or the disabled, a weapon of resistance and protest for the pedestrian. Write to us, get it and use it!


fred said...

nice work, but what's up now?


Jonathan said...

How can I get stickers in English?

Veni said...

great !!!! you are heaven sent! you
should see the chaos in crete.Poor mayor has done his utmost to jazz up
streets , pavements and create pedestrian walkabouts and malls. But what for they are clogged to capacity
by motor cycles , cars, double parkers, and and and.Please enrol me as a member so I can send you a donation. I thought I was a voice in the wilderness.and here YOU ARE good
work.send stickers in greek to address below........

Martin said...

yes where can I get these stickers? I need them plenty here on Crete... :(